Bye Bye Birdie Movie Review

Bye Bye Birdie: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

Bye Bye Birdie was originally a popular Broadway production and Tony award winner in the early 1960’s. In 1963, the play was adapted to film, starring Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh. Ann-Margret and rock n’ roll singer, Bobby Rydell,[…] Read More

It's A Wonderful Life US One Sheet Movie Review

It’s a Wonderful Life: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

When Frank Capra’s Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, was released in 1946, the film was surprisingly not a box office success. World War II hadn’t been over for very long, and people were just not in the mood for[…] Read More

The Picture of Dorian Gray Movie Review

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

Whenever I hear there’s going to be a remake of a classic film, I roll my eyes. Very rarely is the remake as good as the original. However, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is one film that I actually would[…] Read More

Singin' In The Rain

Singin’ in the Rain: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

The 1952 romantic musical comedy, Singin’ in the Rain, is one of the few classic films that have remained popular years after its release. The film starred Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and nineteen-year-old Debbie Reynolds. From the moment it hit[…] Read More

The Sin of Nora Moran Movie Review

The Sin of Nora Moran: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

The original poster for the 1933 film, The Sin of Nora Moran, is extremely rare and worth nearly $50,000, and this work of art is often listed as one of the best movie posters of all time. A Peruvian painter[…] Read More

Razor's Edge Movie Review

The Razor’s Edge: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

“The path to enlightenment is as sharp and narrow as a razor’s edge.” This is what the Holy Man (played by Cecil Humphreys) says to World War I veteran Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) during his long transcendental journey to better[…] Read More

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Movie Review

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

The 1945 film, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, is based on Betty Smith’s coming of age novel of the same name. The story follows a second-generation Irish-American family living in New York in the early 20th century, just before World War[…] Read More

Lost Horizon Movie Review

Lost Horizon: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

Few directors have created films that have survived the test of time. Sometimes films are so much a product of their time that later generations are just unable to relate to them. Frank Capra was one of the most innovative[…] Read More

Casablanca Movie Review

Casablanca Movie Review

To this day Casablanca is regarded as one of the most iconic and well-regarded films in Hollywood. Michael Curtiz directed and Hal B. Wallis produced the 1942 Warner Bros. movie, which starred Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid and featured[…] Read More

The Black Cat Movie Review 1934

The Black Cat: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

During the Great Depression, movie theaters offered a two-for-one deal to attract more customers. For the price of one ticket, people would get to see two movies. This was called a double feature. A shorter, less expensive film (referred to[…] Read More