Original Movie Poster Sale: Pretty in Pink, 12 Monkeys and More

FFF Movie Posters is currently running a one-week sale on Ebay featuring 15 original movie posters, each with more than one available in stock. What makes this sale special is that every poster in it came directly from a former Paramount[…] Read More

Giant: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

Producer and Academy Award winning director, George Steven’s western epic, Giant, could not have been more aptly named. Released in 1956, the film had an incredible star-studded cast, which included Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean. Grace Kelly was[…] Read More

All About Eve: Movie Review By Brandy Isadora

Have you ever met someone, who seemed warm and friendly, but left you with the feeling that something wasn’t quite right? There’s no tangible evidence that something is amiss. It’s just something that you feel. A lingering doubt that this[…] Read More

Stealing Heaven: A Valuable Gem

Many movies are made that tell stories from history.  Think Queen Margot and Schindler’s List.  Many of these movies get wide release and much attention.  Many win Academy and Emmy awards.  In 1988, the late Simon MacCorkindale and his beautiful[…] Read More

Little Women: Movie Review by Brandy Isadora

Since its publication in 1868, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, remains one of the most read novels for young readers. The book, which is loosely based on Alcott’s life, shows the coming of age of four sisters: Meg, Jo (who[…] Read More

Freaks: Movie Review

When Freaks was originally released in 1932, the movie was banned and director Tod Browning’s career was irreparably destroyed. MGM initially considered Myrna Loy as Cleopatra and Jean Harlow as Venus, but in the end the studio chose less high[…] Read More

Janice Rule: When Janice Ruled

Actually Janice didn’t rule.  She should have ruled.  She could have ruled.  She had the beauty and talent to make her one of the most successful actresses of her time.  She also had a certain chutzpah or spunk that could[…] Read More

Heaven Can Wait: Movie Review

Director Ernst Lubitsch’s 1943 comedy Heaven Can Wait is a witty and, at times, surreal film starring Don Ameche and Gene Tierney. I’ll note now that the 1978 Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty is not a remake of Lubitsch’s[…] Read More

The Best Years of Our Lives: Movie Review

When The Best Years of Our Lives was released in 1946, the movie became one of the highest grossing American films and it won a total of nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The movie could not have come at[…] Read More

Metropolis: Movie Review

If I were to make a list of films that accurately reflect the current social climate, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis would certainly be on that list. Released in 1927, the movie explores the gap between the extremely wealthy and the working[…] Read More