Metropolis: Movie Review

If I were to make a list of films that accurately reflect the current social climate, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis would certainly be on that list. Released in 1927, the movie explores the gap between the extremely wealthy and the working[…] Read More

Introducing Brandy Isadora, FFF Movie Posters’ Classic Film Reviewer

Classic films and the iconic actors and actresses who brought them to life are as popular today as they were in their day, when their posters graced the marquees. Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics are just two of[…] Read More

Gardner McKay: His Adventures In Paradise

Have you ever felt like you were on the wrong path?  That you were working in a field that wasn’t right for you or meant for you?  Gardner McKay was quoted for saying “He had felt like he opened an[…] Read More

From Godzilla to Perry Mason: The Triumph of Raymond Burr

Godzilla, the original movie, debuted in 1954 and it became one of my all-time favorite movies. Raymond Burr, as the reporter and narrator, did a great job and his voice helped carry this movie to success. In the 1940’s, Raymond[…] Read More

Nora Prentiss: The Other Woman, Then and Now

I recently saw a wonderful movie from the 1940’s called Nora Prentiss starring the beautiful Ann Sheridan.  Nora is the “other woman” but she was one for whom you could have sympathy.  You could also have sympathy for her married[…] Read More

Patrick Wayne: The Bears and I & Sinbad

What do Michael Douglas, Isabella Rossellini, and Patrick Wayne all have in common?  They are the children of famous actors.  And by famous actors I mean, uber famous actors. . . Kirk Douglas, Ingrid Bergman, and John Wayne.  It’s natural[…] Read More

Natalie Wood: Immortal Beauty

I’ve often believed that if Natalie Wood had lived, she would have become very popular doing the nighttime soap operas like Dallas, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, etc.  It could have been the next phase of her career and she would[…] Read More

Bus Stop

What can we say about Marilyn Monroe that hasn’t already been said?  She was the number one sex goddess of her generation.  Like the Duke, Marilyn Monroe’s image is immortal. Her childhood was rough and her early adult years were[…] Read More

Down To Earth

Down to Earth was a 1947 musical comedy which starred Rita Hayworth at the peak of her career.  Rita played a Muse named Terpsichore and, at that time, there was no doubt that Rita was a love goddess. In the[…] Read More

Hangover Square

I loved Hangover Square and I love Laird Cregar.  The film, Hangover Square, is pure film noir.  The story was based on a novel but many changes were made to the final production of the film.  It was released in[…] Read More