Wake of the Red Witch

From 1948 came the exciting Wake of the Red Witch, which starred the iconic John Wayne and the beautiful but tragic Gail Russell.  Most people know the Duke from his westerns and war movies.  In Wake of the Red Witch[…] Read More

Caesar and Cleopatra

Vivien Leigh was one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of her day.  In this film, Caesar and Cleopatra, she plays a young Cleopatra, who develops a special relationship with the aging Julius Caesar.  Although the film was not[…] Read More

The Outlaw

The Outlaw is a western about Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and Doc Holiday.  Yet, it is truly a film about beautiful Jane Russell and her assets.  When the movie was made in 1941, Howard Hughes, the producer, felt that[…] Read More

This Gun For Hire

WOW! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “That’s my favorite poster!” The comment usually comes from men, but it really is gorgeous! This Gun for Hire is pure film noir. Recently someone blogged and asked, “What is[…] Read More

The Killers

Okay. Let’s face it. This poster is gorgeous! The colors, the position of the characters, the beauty of young Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. This was Ava’s first big film and she became a star. The Killers is pure film[…] Read More

20th Century and The Impact Of Carole Lombard

I’ve always been so impressed that whenever anyone mentioned the name “Carole Lombard”, there would be this reverence. It was as if she was incandescent or other worldly. Carole did leave the world too soon. She was only 33 years[…] Read More

Captain Blood

What can I say that I haven’t said about this miraculous poster, which is the only known example of its kind ever made? I loved Errol Flynn and I loved Captain Blood. My husband and I have many collectibles from[…] Read More

King Kong

The 1920’s were over and left in its wake was the “Great Depression”. The country was reeling from the financial stress and there were bread lines and worry. Hollywood sought to remedy that with movies that helped people escape from[…] Read More

Clara Bow, “The It Girl”

Though Hoop-la, released in 1933, was Clara Bow’s last film, her iconic fame and powerful essence belonged to the decade before. . . the roaring 20’s.  Clara personified the flapper.  She was “The It Girl”. With her bright red hair[…] Read More

The 1920’s Moonlight and Honeysuckle and Mary Miles Minter

In the early days of film, there were no “movie stars” because the stars themselves did not want to be recognized. They considered themselves “stage actors” and performing in this new media seemed questionable to them. The producers found it[…] Read More