Julie Christie

Julie Christie. What more can anyone say? Julie Christie exploded on the screen in the 1960’s. With incredible talent and beauty, her career was launched. She won an Academy Award for Darling. As a result, she had the ability to choose any part she ever wanted.

It’s No Bull

It’s no Bull. Well maybe it is. . . actually it is a bull, a lion, and some dwarfs. Now I am being politically incorrect, but it is about a princess, a prince, a wicked witch and even a big bad wolf. I’m talking about animation.

Man or Monster

Although Halloween has passed, horror films have been a Hollywood staple since the beginning of film. Many people enjoy the thrill of this genre, with the blood, gore and suspense. Film noir movies, however, scare me more than any horror films.

Judy Garland: Hold It, You Three Dirty Hams!

I love the stills from The Wizard of Oz. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy were four of the most loveable characters in motion picture history. Not only were they loveable by themselves, but all together, they presented a united front of friendship and a powerful partnership.

Natalie Wood: Let Her Entertain You

Natalie Wood had to be one of the most beautiful and vulnerable actresses. Her career began as a child, because her mother felt that Natalie had the ability to be a great actress. Her mom had to be one of the original “stage mothers”. As a young adult, Natalie carved her own destiny and became a major star. Natalie earned the success that she richly deserved.

The Killers US Movie Poster

Ava, We Miss You

The posters of Ava Gardner are gorgeous. Besides bringing back wonderful memories, it makes one long to see her films again. Ava Gardner never felt confident, despite her great beauty and natural talent. She was always afraid of Hollywood.

The Swan US Movie Poster

Grace Kelly: There but for Grace

The poster for The Swan has to be the quintessential portrait of beautiful Grace Kelly. For all of us Grace Kelly fans, this would be the poster to have, although the movie doesn’t quite live up to the poster. I’ve often wondered what would’ve happened if Grace had not met Prince Rainier.

Errol Flynn Three Actresses Still

Flynn, Damita, Lombard & Dietrich

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. Have you ever looked at a photograph . . . I mean really looked at it? Nowadays, with digital cameras and cell phone cameras, we take hundreds of pictures; quickly, and probably discard them just as quickly.

Ben Hur

Ben-Hur: The Bible Saves Hollywood!

Picture this: it is the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Television is the new invention that is sweeping the nation and capturing the audiences. Moviegoers are drifting away from the theatres to stay home and watch the little box. Hollywood was in a state of extreme agitation. What to do? What to do?

Breakfast at Tiffany's US Movie Poster

Time Out of Mind

Some images last forever. Jane Russell and her push-up bra in The Outlaw; Rhett Butler telling Scarlet (finally) “Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a danm!” and Audrey Hepburn in her slinky black dress, upswept hairdo and long cigarette holder in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.