Introducing Brandy Isadora, FFF Movie Posters’ Classic Film Reviewer

By Sherry Goldberg

Classic films and the iconic actors and actresses who brought them to life are as popular today as they were in their day, when their posters graced the marquees.

Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics are just two of the wonderful television stations which bring these movies to our screen and allow generation after generation to appreciate the art and talent of what came before.

My husband and I adore classic films and we represent and collect these wonderful posters.  We feel very fortunate to introduce a new member of our writing staff, Brandy Isadora.  Brandy will be coming on board to write reviews of these classic films.

Brandy is a designer, photographer and graduate of California College of the Arts.  She grew up with classic films and classic film performers.

Her first movie review, Metropolis, is coming next week.  Brandy will review some truly wonderful films and hopefully make you want to see them or see them again.

To all movie lovers, here’s looking at you, kids.