Stealing Heaven: A Valuable Gem

By Sherry Goldberg

Many movies are made that tell stories from history.  Think Queen Margot and Schindler’s List.  Many of these movies get wide release and much attention.  Many win Academy and Emmy awards.  In 1988, the late Simon MacCorkindale and his beautiful wife, Susan George, produced a jewel of a movie that told a story of Peter Abelard and his love for Heloise.

The movie was directed by Clive Donner and it starred the wonderful Denholm Elliot.  Playing Peter Abelard and his Heloise were the greatly admired Dutch actor, Derek de Lint, and gorgeous Kim Thomson.  This movie not only tells the story of Abelard and Heloise but it is done with a sensuality and sensitivity which is beyond eloquent.

My husband has called this movie riveting.  Sometime in the future our movie reviewer, Brandy Isadora, will review the movie.  I told her that many people might not want to see it because of a certain facet of the story.  She replied that this was the Game of Thrones generation and that my objectivity was probably tainted by time (she smiled when she told me this).

Nonetheless, Stealing Heaven takes place in the 12th Century.  Abelard was a teacher, a priest, a man of high principles who cared about people and truly was a wonderful teacher.  In those days, as in ours, priest were to remain chaste.  Peter might have been able to do so until he met Heloise who was equal in intelligence and love.  Her greedy uncle, who was supposed to find a husband for this jewel of a girl, was devastated at what had transpired.  This was truly a beautiful story of love and courage.

I saw this movie in 1988 and adored it.  I had a video and I acquired the poster.  I have repeatedly tried to find another like it, but so far I have only mine and I am sharing it with you.

Thank you, actors, producers and director.  You created a masterpiece and over time it will withstand the test of time.  It will find accolades.

For all of you interested, this is a very sensual movie with some nudity.  Again, I am out of my generation but I thought I should share.