The Prince of Darkness Lightens Up the Screen

By Sherry Goldberg

When you say the name of Director, Ridley Scott, the movies that come to mind are Alien, Blade Runner, and Black Hawk Down. However, there is a gem of a movie that was produced in the 80’s called Legend, which has stood the test of time and has a cult following.

The story of Legend is basically simple, good vs. evil, light vs. dark. While the plot may appear simplistic, the performances of several actors stand out and give Legend its meaning and power. I was lucky enough to see both versions: one has the music of Tangerine Dream and the other, which I think is truly the most powerful, has the music of Jerry Goldsmith.

To all those who are unfamiliar with this movie, let me start out by saying it is one of Tom Cruise’s first films. Tom Cruise does a good job of portraying the hero, but it’s the performances of Mia Sara, David Bennet, Billy Barty and the incomparable Tim Curry that truly stand out and give Legend its magic. Tim Curry, as the Prince of Darkness, packs the most punch.

I first saw Legend when it came out in the 80’s. Then about five years later when I was in a pizza restaurant with my daughter, who was 8 at the time. She was eating her pizza and I looked over at her and she was staring up at a TV screen with her mouth open. My first thought was “What’s wrong or what could she possibly be looking at?”. When I looked at the TV, I saw it was Tim Curry as Darkness that held her spellbound. I recently played the movie for my husband, who is not into fantasy, but when he saw Tim Curry, he too was transfixed.

The scene between Tim Curry and Mia Sara is a stand out and as Darkness, Tim Curry, tells many truths about human nature.

For those of you, who are looking for a fascinating movie with a stellar cast, try Legend. It has Fairies and Unicorns and one of the most remarkable performances on film.