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Action films have been with us since the beginning of cinema. Even the late Charles Chaplin and Harold Lloyd with their brand of physical comedy gave the public that dose of action that left film goers wanting more. Today, action films are more popular than ever because of the ability to use special effects to make images jump off the screen.

Action films of the past relied less on special effects, but they were no less effective. Two of my favorite action films are Wake of the Red Witch and Reap the Wild Wind starring film icon, John Wayne. I even read that John’s son, Ethan’s, favorite movie of his dad’s was Wake of the Red Witch. John Wayne played the captain of a ship; who is in love with the beautiful Gail Russell. Wake of the Red Witch and Reap the Wild Wind had extraordinary effective undersea scenes that lead the way for other movies like this. This was especially true with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which would come a few years later.

Two more of my favorite action films are Scaramouche, and Moonfleet. Both of these starred the handsome actor, Stewart Granger. Much like Errol Flynn, Stewart had the body type and attitude that played well in these kinds of films. He was agile, brave and very handsome. These were exciting films and audiences loved them. Scaramouche also starred the beautiful Eleanor Parker and a very young Janet Leigh. The lobby cards to this movie are exquisite.

As part of our action wing, we’ve added Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Star Wars and The Legend of Zorro. Jean-Paul Belmondo is an exciting, charismatic French actor who set hearts throbbing. He is featured in the posters, Cartouche and The Outsider.

If action films are your favorite, feast your eyes on some of these beautiful images that reflect this kind of cinema.

We do feature action posters in other Wings, but sometimes they are in the categories of the actors or actresses who performed in them.