Actresses WING


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We all have our favorite films and actresses. Throughout film history there have been so many wonderful female performers to stir our imaginations and make the films come to life. A lot of the actresses in this category could have easily been put in the Femmes Fatales Wings. I chose the “Actresses” category for these beautiful ladies based on the photograph itself, and the part they are representing in the photograph.

As you can see, our first actress is the legendary Lillian Gish. Both she and Marion Davies represent films from the teens and 1920’s. The hair styles, the beguiling looks and the sepia tone give them a haunting feel.

In the 1930’s, we saw the rise of the one and only Bette Davis. Joan Bennett, Carole Lombard and Katherine Hepburn were also very popular. Bette and Katherine’s careers spanned their entire life times. Joan Bennett’s career did not last as long, but she was very popular in her day. Beautiful Carole Lombard, wife of Clark Gable, lost her life during World War II in a plane crash.

The 1950’s saw the rise of Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and gorgeous Natalie Wood. We have many other actresses listed in our Femmes Fatales Wings. If you don’t find your favorite here, you might find them there.