Animation – Miscellaneous WING


Click on any of the Animation – Miscellaneous Wing pieces below to enlarge, then use the arrows on the screen or your keyboard to peruse the rest.

Two of my favorite animated films are Ferdinand the Bull and Lambert the Sheepish Lion. Lambert has his own section and will be discussed in it.

Ferdinand the Bull was absolutely precious. He was the bull who did not want to appear in bull fights. He only wanted to smell the flowers. And who could blame him!

The Tom and Jerry and Tweety and Sylvester posters speak (literally) for themselves. As the expression goes, “how cute are these”!

Disney’s Lady and The Tramp has always been a classic for every generation.

When putting together the museum collection of animation, I was amazed at all the animated posters, lobby cards and stills that we have. Many of these have their own Wings. Enjoy them all!