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Brigitte Bardot Posters

Brigitte Bardot was a dancer first, then she became a model. She loved the ballet and even took classes with dancer, Leslie Caron. As a model, she was discovered by director, Roger Vadim, and he made her into an actress that would be recognized the world over.

Her acting career spanned from the 1950’s to 1973.

These Brigitte Bardot posters reflect her beauty and iconic image. Her movies were good, interesting and thought provoking but ultimately she was always Brigitte Bardot, sex symbol.

She retired young. In movies you either age gracefully, accept the passage of time, much like Meryl Streep today, or you retire young.

Brigitte went on to become an animal rights activist. As an older woman, she grew close to her son and his family. She is still with us, causing controversy and being outspoken.

These posters, however, are symbols of a time and place, Brigitte’s time and place. She appeared in more than 40 films. My personal favorite poster of her is Le Mepris.