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Clara Bow

Clara Bow was the “It” girl, but her life was not always as glamorous as her films. From childhood Clara escaped her unstable mother by retreating into a fantasy world where she was successful, carefree and larger than life.

She was truly a great actress. Her face and eyes could express emotions that made her stand out in the crowd.

It is important to note, that actors and actresses of the silent film era had to be very talented. There was no talking or special effects. They had to act with their faces and bodies.  Actors like Clara, Charlie Chaplin and so many others deserve respect for being pioneers and opening the door to what would become “the movies”.

Clara’s childhood traumas would later come back to haunt her. Though marriage and motherhood were in her future, the demons of the past could not stay buried.

Her career was shorter compared to many of her contemporaries. Her posters, however, are a testament to the power she exuded on screen. I would highly recommend people watch some of Clara Bow’s movies. She was extremely talented, and she should be recognized for the contributions that she made to film.

Clara Bow Quotes

“We had individuality. We did as we pleased. We stayed up late. We dressed the way we wanted. I used to whiz down Sunset Blvd. in my open Kissel with several red chow dogs to match my hair. Today, they’re sensible and end up with better health. But we had more fun.”

“A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.”

“Even now I can’t trust life. It did too many awful things to me as a kid.”