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Drama Lobby Cards

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is one of my all-time favorite films. I think that there are several classic films which should be required viewing for high school students. The two others are The Best Years of Our Lives and The Razor’s Edge.

When my husband first picked the movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, for us to watch, I thought to myself “What! No romance? No actresses?” But once I got into the film, I saw the brilliance of the script and the performances. It is about greed and human nature. It could start a lively conversation as people analyze both the movie and their own characters. For any Humphrey Bogart fan, this movie should not be missed.

The Wild One, with Marlon Brando, at the beginning of his career, is a beautiful lobby card. Handsome and charismatic, this is where it all began for him.

Three Sinners, with Pola Negri is from 1928. I have not seen the movie, but we love the lobby card.

I Can Get It for You Wholesale starred one of our favorite actresses, Susan Hayward.

The V.I.P.’s speak for themselves. I love Elizabeth Taylor.