Errol Flynn – Captain Blood Stills WING


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Errol Flynn – Captain Blood Stills

Errol Flynn became a true Hollywood star and ultimately an icon when Captain Blood debuted in 1935.  Flynn’s wife, Lili Damita, who was a star herself at that time, pursued this role for her husband when actor Robert Donat became ill and could not take the part. Once the movie came out, I am sure Lili was dismayed at the events that were to come afterwards. Women in droves pursued Errol, and still in his 20’s, Errol pursued them back.

The truth was that Errol was a beautiful physical specimen in his youth. His roles in Captain Blood and Robin Hood afforded the public the chance to visualize and fantasize. Many great roles lay ahead for Errol. Three marriages and four beautiful children would also be in his future. The beginning was glorious, but as the theme song from M*A*S*H goes:

The sword of time will pierce our skins

It doesn’t hurt when it begins

But as it works its way on in

The pain grows stronger…watch it grin

These Captain Blood stills are a beautiful collection from a wonderful movie with two movie icons at the beginning of their career.