John Wayne Foreign Posters 1930s-1940s WING


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John Wayne Foreign Posters 1930s-1940s

Let me begin by saying that we have more John Wayne posters than of any other actor. His career began in the 1930’s and even today, more than 30 years after his death, he ranks as a major film star.

Many other actors were just as famous in their time, but in reality they are not remembered quite as much as The Duke. He came to represent a certain time and a certain kind of movie. He has many fans of all ages. When we began collecting his posters, my husband couldn’t stop.

The Duke made more than 100 films and my husband, Mark, would find more and more posters. These posters really do reflect this actor’s career, and we hope that all of Duke’s fans and others will enjoy this journey through time…Duke’s time.

In this wing you will find several older posters of his films. The Sagebrush Trail from 1933 speaks for itself. Duke did not become a major star after this movie. He spent most of the 1930’s playing smaller parts. By the end of the 1930’s, all that was to change for Duke. 1939’s Stagecoach made him a star and the movie itself was nominated for an Academy Award.

Duke’s original plans were to become a lawyer. He had received a football scholarship with USC, but when he was injured and couldn’t play football, he had to redirect his life. He began working at the movie studio. He met director John Ford, a legend himself, and Ford began casting the Duke in some of those small parts. John Ford took a chance on casting Duke in the major role of “the Ringo Kid” in Stagecoach, but it was a wonderful and fortuitous decision which brought major success to both the actor and the director.

It also began a lifelong friendship. One of my husband’s favorite posters is Dakota. One of the best John Wayne films, both in my opinion and that of the critics was Red River. He played against method actor, Montgomery Clift. Wayne and Clift were wonderful together and the movie resonated with the public. I loved Red River and the poster.

Wake of the Red Witch is said to be John’s son, Ethan’s, favorite film of his dads. It is also one of mine. I loved him in the role of the sea captain who is in love with Gail Russell’s character, Angelique Desaix. I also adore this poster.