John Wayne Foreign Posters 1950s WING


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John Wayne Foreign Posters 1950s

Another favorite John Wayne poster and movie is The High and the Mighty. I was a little girl when I saw the movie and I loved Duke’s character in the film. Did you know that after The High and the Mighty appeared in theaters, more young people signed up to become flight attendants (they were called stewardesses then) and pilots? The movie was about an airliner having problems in the middle of a flight. The Duke, of course, rose to the occasion. While the movie was great, the wonderful music by Dimitri Tiomkin added a flavor. Pilar Wayne once told me that she fell in love with Duke while he was filming The High and the Mighty. I sent her a print from one of our acquisitions and from that she created a painting of the Duke from that movie. She is a brilliant artist and you can see the painting on her website.

Another favorite Duke movie is The Searchers. This was an exciting movie and the Duke really stretched himself as an actor. His world weary cynical character emerges as he sets out on a quest to find his niece, Natalie Wood, who had been captured by the Indians.