John Wayne Foreign Posters 1960s-1970s WING


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John Wayne Foreign Posters 1960s-1970s

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

I loved The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. John Ford directed this great film, which starred three of the best actors in Hollywood, John Wayne, James Stewart, and Lee Marvin. They brought to life the story of a man who was a hero based on a legend. It asks the question, “Is what we are told always true?” Perhaps we should be careful what we believe. This film should not be missed.

The Duke invested a great deal of his money in The Alamo. He pinned his hopes and dreams on this movie. When it came out, it was a disappointment financially, but life is strange. As time passes, perceptions change and what is perceived one way, can be perceived entirely differently years later. The Alamo today is considered to be a fine movie.

The Sons of Katie Elder was also a great film. Co-stars Dean Martin and Earl Holliman were wonderful playing opposite Duke. Their individual personalities all complimented each other. Dean Martin had idolized Duke and the Western genre long before he became an actor. Being cast opposite his hero was thrilling for Dean.

McLintock! showed a funny side of Duke. He and Maureen O’Hara lit up the screen and enthralled audiences. In this poster you see a smiling Duke, which is very rare. Big Jake allowed him the joy of working with his sons, Patrick and Ethan. I love this movie too.

In 1970 Duke won the Academy Award for True Grit. It was a wonderful movie and a well-deserved achievement.

A lot of Duke’s movies from the 1960’s and 1970’s are presented in this section. His career spanned his lifetime and he went from a very young and handsome man to an older man, fighting impending death with dignity and courage.