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John Wayne US Posters 1930s-1940s

3 Godfathers is another favorite movie of mine. It was just so sweet to see the Duke and Pedro Armendáriz protecting this little baby whose mama had died. The Duke was handsome and charismatic in this role and it was a change of pace to see him in this mellow, yet strong role. He and Armendáriz became good friends.

Gail Russell acted with John Wayne in Angel and the Badman. (She had also acted with him in Wake of the Red Witch) It had been speculated that Duke had been involved with Gail but many said that he cared for her as a person and would never hurt her. She was a vulnerable and sensitive actress who had much success, but many insecurities. Duke was a caring friend and when Gail died young, Duke felt terrible. Hollywood is not for the weak.

The many other posters in this section represent Duke’s career from these years.

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