Lambert the Sheepish Lion WING


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Lambert the Sheepish Lion

My other favorite animated film is Lambert, the Sheepish Lion. I just love this story of a little lion cub who is accidently given to a mama sheep, who longs for a baby. She recognizes right away that her baby doesn’t look anything like the other babies; but he is so cute and he is hers, so she raises him to be like the other sheep.

For a long time, Lambert doesn’t quite fit in and he is just terrible at butting heads, but his sweet nature wins everyone over. As the time passes the sheep grow, but they all stay one size…small. Lambert, however, grows into a very big lion but he is still fearful. As the story is presented, the young sheep grow, mature and learn to defend themselves. Lambert, remember, hates butting heads, and though he grows larger, he is still fearful. One day though, a wolf threatens Lambert’s mama and all you can hear as his mom is being dragged away is, “Lammmmmbert, Lammmmmbert!” At that point shy, afraid Lambert becomes a ferocious lion who saves his mom and the rest of the sheep and he ultimately becomes the hero.

If you haven’t seen this one, you should. It’s wonderful and the lobby cards show this.