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Marilyn was most at home in front of the camera. She loved the camera and it loved her back. She could always count on the camera, whereas in life, she did not always trust the love around her. Her mother loved her, but she was unstable. Marilyn was raised in a series of foster homes. She was a sensitive little girl and it was a difficult childhood for Marilyn.

She married at 16 to avoid more foster care. It wasn’t a happy marriage. Her husband wanted a normal life and a normal wife, but Marilyn was discovered by a photographer and became a model. Ultimately from this, she managed to reach the pinnacle of stardom.

Success was great but with it, came the unrelenting glare of the camera. It was always on her. What was once her friend and the thing she could count on, the camera, she later wanted to shield herself from. Costars would tell of her taking hours to appear on the set. She was a great beauty but very insecure. Her drama coach was on the set with her a great deal of the time, much to the distress of her directors.

As Marilyn got older, the delays became longer. Some of her costars understood her fragility; others did not. Life grew increasingly more difficult for Marilyn. Her love life was not smooth and she longed to have a child, but couldn’t. That old sword of time again.

Marilyn died at 36. How would she have aged? Emotionally so weak, would she have had the stamina to age? As Bette Davis once said, “Old age ain’t for sissies.” In the end, although Marilyn died young, her youth and beauty is what the public will always remember.

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