Romance WING


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One of my all-time favorite movie posters is Moonlight and Honeysuckle with Mary Miles Minter. What a beautiful work of art. As far as I know, the movie does not exist anymore and this poster is extremely rare, maybe one of a kind.

Mary Miles Minter had a wonderful career, but it did not last very long. In 1922, Director William Desmond Taylor was murdered. This caused quite a scandal at that time in Hollywood. It was rumored that Mary had an unrequited crush on Taylor, who was homosexual, although the public did not know this. Then, some of her underclothes were found in his house. It was then speculated that her mother was involved in the murder. The result was that the death of Taylor and the scandal surrounding Mary ruined her career.

Now a days, careers are created from scandal, but this was 1922 and scandals were the kiss of death for a career.

1946’s Duel in the Sun is another favorite movie of mine. It starred three iconic performers…Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck and Joseph Cotten. It is romance, pot boiler, mystery and drama all in one. It had passion and excitement and a shocking ending. I love the poster.

I was only a child when I saw Sayonara and I did not grasp the entire story. I loved the scenery and the music. I saw it again when I was older and I appreciated the writing and performances. Red Buttons won an Academy Award for his performance as Supporting Actor. Sayonara is a love story with racial overtones and it was ahead of its time.

The Rat Race was a great film starring Debbie Reynolds and Tony Curtis. The movie was entertaining and edgy. The music, by Elmer Bernstein, was fantastic and I listen to it all the time.

For a whole generation, The Way We Were, was a treasured memory. Full of romance and that beautiful song. Redford and Streisand were perfect together.

Ahhh, amore!